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Printer Information - Fargo

IDentiphoto Company, Ltd. is proud to be an HID Global Fargo Brand Solutions Provider and Authorized Service Provider for the repair of Fargo printer units. We also offer sales and service on card printers from these manufacturers: Zebra/Eltron, MAGICARD, Datacard, Evolis, Nisca, and CIM.

FARGO® High Definition Card Printers

Get vibrant, high definition cards from the reliable and affordable Fargo high definition printers. Colors are vibrant, images are crisp and quality is second to none. The HDP printers produce ID cards with the highest image quality available by printing a reverse image on the underside of HDP Film, then fusing the film to the card surface where direct-to-card printers print directly to the ID card itself. Explore the HDP versus direct-to-card printing difference.

This technology makes it the perfect choice for any organization where brand image is paramount or that demands more functionality from their ID cards such as proximity and smart card technology.

Since the film is fused to the card surface, it conforms to ridges or any minor imperfections on the card surface so your ID cards always come out looking great!

Fargo HDP8500 - Industrial Card Printer/Encoder

The most reliable, high duty performance ID card printer in the industry, the Fargo HDP8500, features HID's High Definition Printing (HDP) technology. It is ideal for extended-run, high throughput credential personalization and issuance, such as large government ID card programs, laborious service bureau conditions and demanding university and large enterprise environments.

Loaded with features that ensure reliability, you will get a system that performs and requires minimal operator intervention, saving time and money. This printer contains one of the highest card input capacities in the industry, resin ribbon data-erase, built-in operator PIN number access and multi-locking entry points. Produces IDs reliably and continuously - even in the most demanding environments.

Fargo HDP5000 - Professional Printer/Encoder

No other card printer delivers High Definition printing at this price point, making the HDP5000 feasible for a broad range of organizations. ID Cards produced on the HDP5000 printer are inherently more durable and secure than other types of cards due to the unique printing processes. They resist wear and tear by putting a durable layer of HDP Film between the card image and the outside world.

The HDP5000 is exceptionally reliable, which means less printer downtime. Since the printhead never comes in contact with the ID card surface or debris, it is never damaged in the printing process and in fact, carries a lifetime printhead warranty. The ideal unit to use if printing on uneven surface technology cards - smart card with and without contact chips. See the HDP5000 direct-to-card printer in action!

Enhanced and Expanded FARGO® Direct-to-Card Printers High Quality ID Cards without the high price tag.

These innovative printers feature rock-solid reliability, customer-friendly features and cutting-edge technology to meet the needs of the most demanding applications. They feature an intuitive user experience so you don't have to be an expert to keep your printers working or to train others on how to use them. The simple user interface, on-board diagnostics and simplified ribbon supply loading make printing hassle-free. Now you can print unbelievable high-quality cards and credentials when you need them, where you need them.

Fargo DTC4500e - Professional Printer/Encoder High-volume producer of durable ID cards quickly and easily.

This unit was designed specifically for medium-to-large sized companies, schools, and government entities that are looking for a reliable, long-term solution that can withstand the demands of everyday use.

Considered the workhorse of HID Global's Fargo direct-to-card printer line, it comes with a standard dual-input card hopper for increased card capacity. Combine the dual hopper with the high-capacity ribbon supplies and this printer drastically cuts down on the need for user intervention.

Completely modular in design, its flexibility and scalability will meet your current and future security needs. Add dual-sided printing or a card lamination module for increased security as your needs change or as budget allows.

Completely modular in design, you can add dual-sided printing or a card lamination module as your needs change or as budget allows.

The DTC4500e automatically comes with a built-in USB port plus an Ethernet port with internal print server giving you a variety of possibilities. What could be better?

The printer of choice for high volume environments such as employee ID or loyalty cards or where security is of the utmost importance since it has built-in printer password protection which guarantees secure printing plus flexible options such as fluorescent ribbons for ultra-violet (UV) printing. If that is not enough, you can take security a step further with the optional card lamination module to produce tamper proof cards that resist forgery.

Fargo DTC4250e - Professional Printer/Encoder - Highly versatile unit that simplifies equipment upgrades

The DTC4250e unit is best for mid-size organizations wanting to create brilliant employee access, membership, loyalty, or photo ID cards. Modular and scalable in design simplifying equipment upgrades for greater functionality. Add dual-sided printing or various technology card encoders as your needs change.

Its sleek design with changeable footprint can accommodate office environments where space is at a premium. Ethernet comes standard along with a three (3) year warranty.

Fargo DTC1250e - Professional Printer/Encoder - Minimize wait time for ID cards with the fastest printer in class.

Designed for small-to-medium businesses, the DTC1250e provides maximum efficiency in a sleek, user-friendly design. Virtually maintenance-free, this printer produces full-color, plastic ID and technology cards on a budget.

The intuitive user-focused design allows for easy set-up, loading and operation for increased efficiency. Choose from easy (EZ), all-in-one print ribbon and card cleaner or economical and eco-friendly (ECO) refill ribbons.

Add an optional iCLASS SE® encoder that allows you to create, encode (read/write) and manage your secure credentials from start-to-finish.

Fargo C50 - Value Line - Produce single-sided ID cards only at an affordable price.

Designed for businesses, schools and government agencies, the Fargo C50 printer is easy-to-use and allows you to reliably print full-color employee ID, loyalty, payment or membership cards with minimal maintenance.

Virtually plug-and play, the C50 can go from box to printing full-color single-sided ID cards in a matter of minutes. Its sleek, compact design easily fits into the smallest of office settings.

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