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The RapIDtrack System's simple visual displays
make it extremely easy to use.


With RapIDtrack software, you can verify someone's status, check their eligibility or credential, or even just log that they were at a specific location and attended an activity or event. In addition, complete log files are created for each activity performed within the system, such as card swipe or manual look-up, so a complete history/audit trail exists for full reporting capabilities, queries, and/or cross reference against other systems and databases.

Educational and Corporate Campuses, Athletic Events/Venues, Correctional Facilities, Centers, to name a few, are all benefiting from our RapIDtrack System. This system was designed to be 100% configurable by the user and at each location. The system runs on almost any PC/Laptop based environment, whether networked or stand-alone. Utilizing the RapIDtrack software paired with a card reader, pin pad, biometric reader, or even via a manual look-up, the complete system offers the ability to identify individuals, set eligibility/privilege criteria, and qualify/track every activity. Current clients love the simple initial set-up and on-going operation.


  • Ability to define/choose criteria for each event, activity, and location
  • Customized screens to show as much (or as little) information
  • Red/Green visual displays and color photo
  • In/Out buttons for basic attendance and "quick counts"
  • Multiple reader options to accommodate most card types and biometrics
  • Anti-passback on/off option for no re-entry
  • Integrates with most existing database tables and is ODBC compliant
  • Customizable queries for statistic/demographic data
  • Password protected configurations and connections

System Specifications

  • 32 Bit ODBC compliant for Microsoft® Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP
  • Links to any ODBC compliant table so can work with an existing ID card database or another system table
  • PC specifications are those of minimum windows requirements for operating systems as well as for any add-on peripheral to be used with system such as a card reader, biometric reader, or pin pad

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