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RapIDtrack K-12 Software is used as the
central hub for easy exchange of student
data and violation history.

A sample RapIDtrack System includes:
RapIDtrack K-12 Software, Triggerless Barcode
Reader, and Eltron Thermal Slip Printer.

RapIDtrack K-12

Now there's a way to save time by taking out the paperwork and administrative headaches of attendance, dress code, and behavior violations. RapIDtrack K-12 is the simple, automated way of defining behavior policy and compliance, processing tardy students, and issuing detentions.

The RapIDtrackK-12 Administrative System maintains a history of each student's violations, and the scanned Photo ID can result in either PASS, WARNING, or DETENTION slips, dependent on past violations. The text and photo placement on each slip is completely customizable. The system includes built-in database interfaces to RapIDcardTM, PockeTracker K-12, AND an import map is defined for data coming from other ID card and administrative systems.

Typically loaded on a central PC/Laptop in the school's main office, RapIDtrack can help minimize paperwork, and get your tardy students processed efficiently and off to class. Class schedules can also be viewed easily, so verifying which class the student needs a pass to, is just a click of a button. Individual and daily transaction reports can be generated, as well as parental notification and detention lists.


  • Assign detentions & violations
  • Displays student's photo on violation slip
  • Prints hall passes
  • Track late students
  • Define detention schedules
  • Customizable violations
  • Easy full-featured reporting
  • Stores violation history
  • Network ready - works on networks at multiple workstations
  • Can add on PockeTracker K-12 to collect violations, schedules, and basic attendance data all across campus using PocketPC handhelds

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