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ABC's of Visitor Control

  1. Greet all visitors. A friendly "Good morning" or "Good afternoon" relaxes the visitor and makes it easier to ask questions later.

  2. Question all visitors. "What is your name, please?" "Whom are you visiting?" "Do you have an appointment?" "What company are you with?" "What is this in reference to?" are all questions a front-desk person should ask. Never allow a visitor to make you feel this is none of your business. IT IS!

  3. Announce all visitors to the person being visited.

  4. Confirm that the visitor has parked in the appropriate area and has a parking permit where required. Get make, model, and license number.

  5. Ideally, visitors should be escorted at all times.

  6. All visitors should be issued and required to wear a visitor identification badge while on premises. Remember, even repair and maintenance personnel with their own IDs should be issued a visitor badge. Collect all badges upon visitors' departure. Record all uncollected and/or lost badges and provide the Security Director with a list of these on a daily basis.

  7. Record all visits in a Visitor Log.
    (1) Name (2) Company (3) Date (4) Arrival time (5) Name of employee being visited (6) Departure time and (7) Purpose of visit. Your Security Director may require additional information such as (8) Department/area visited (9) Visitor ID number, (10) Company phone number (11) Vehicle license number (12) Make and model. MAKE SURE ALL INFORMATION IS LEGIBLE.

  8. Any person leaving Company premises with Company Property (such as office equipment) should be asked to show a Property Pass issued, dated, and signed by authorized personnel, a list of whom you should have.

  9. Any visitor announcing him or herself as Federal Agent, Law Enforcement Officer, or employee from another Company facility should be asked for an ID. Government and Law Enforcement Agents always have Photo IDs. Take your time and EXAMINE THE ID CAREFULLY. Record badge or ID number. Notify security to escort official.

  10. If a visitor seems nervous or very hostile, is sweating or pacing, looks unkempt, distraught, or disoriented, do not allow him/her access to the premises and CALL A SECURITY OFFICER IMMEDIATELY. BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY!

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