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ID Card Types

IDentiphoto is a provider of custom cards incorporating diverse technologies: magnetic stripe, bar code, proximity, barium ferrite, Wiegand, smart cards, or any combination of these. We also provide debit, credit, and loyalty (preferred customer) cards.

A well-designed ID badge is the basis of your security program: it will help to avoid unauthorized access and can have vital safety or emergency information printed on the back.

PVC and Poly/PVC Cards

PVC cards are made of a high quality PVC (vinyl) or a Polyester/Vinyl combination material. Manufactured with a special clear smooth surface for optimum print quality, they are used with today's direct-to-card (PVC card) printers.

PVC cards are used with computer-based digital imaging systems.

Poly/PVC cards are available with a 20%, 30%, or 40% polyester composition for added durability and extended card life. Polyester-based cards are also used in PVC printers that apply an overlaminate or thermal transfer film.

PVC cards can be pre-printed for exact PMS color match


Teslin Cards allow you to use the precision of today's inkjet or laser printers. Teslin is a unique synthetic core material that handles and feels like paper, but has the durability of plastic. Teslin cards are positioned 2, 4, 6 or 8 to an 8 1/2 x 11" sheet and perforated for easy removal. They are available in Credit Card, IBM or Military size. This material must be used in conjunction with a butterfly laminate.

Teslin gives you an edge-to-edge seal as opposed to the clear border you find with laminated paper cards.

Teslin is used with both Film-Based and Digital Imaging systems.


Datapaks are self contained polyester core cards with an attached over-laminate. Once laminated, the cards are rigid and protected. These cards are very durable and are warranted for 5 years against cracking or breaking.

Datapaks are available in a dual-core or triple-core style which allows the photo to sit flush with the material. Optional data plugs can be used which allow the user to pre-print variable information on them and then insert these into the datapak.

Datapaks are used with Composite or All-Photo Film-Based ID systems.

Requires the use of labels or data plugs to add personal data to the card. Logos and overall card design are pre-printed during the manufacturing process.


Paper cards are an inexpensive way to produce temporary ID cards. Cards may be pre-cut or positioned several to a sheet for laser or inkjet printing. They are usually printed with a company logo. Variable information is generally added with a laser printer. Paper cards need to be used in conjunction with a laminate.

Paper cards are used with both Film-Based and Computer-Based Systems.

(Paper, Teslin, Datapaks, and PVC cards may be custom designed to your specifications.)

Custom ID Cards

All cards may be preprinted for exact PMS color match. Cards may be customized to incorporate one or multiple technologies to be used in access control or time and attendance applications.

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