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Film-based Photo ID Systems

Film-based ID systems are comprised of either an All-Photo camera or a Composite camera, laminator and die cutter.

In an All Photo system the entire ID is produced on a sheet of film. This is done with the use of a paper data card. This data card is usually pre-printed with the company logo and the fields that are to be used on the badge. Once the card is completed, it is inserted into the camera and the picture is taken. The camera combines the picture and data onto the film. The film is die cut using a die cutter and then placed into a laminate and heat sealed using a laminator.

In a Composite system the pictures are taken separately. These cameras are available in 2, 4, or 6 shot models (number of pictures per sheet of film). After pictures are taken they are die cut using a die cutter and placed onto your ID card and then heat sealed using a laminator. In a composite system, badges can be made with paper, Teslin or datapaks. You can incorporate the use of bar codes and magnetic stripes.

These systems are also known as cut and paste.

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