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ID Update News Archive

Macomb County to streamline making of concealed pistol licenses

Macomb County, Michigan will use Identiphoto’s system to create CPLs saving time and creating safer licenses.

November Newsletter

Custom printed and popular accessories, solution that reduces cost, important dates

Why Visitor Control?

Identifying and tracking visitors is important to prevent tragedy. The same is true in case of an emergency. Identifying visitors is a top priority when people’s safety is at stake. Personnel, even when down a hallway, are able to spot unauthorized visitors much faster when they are looking for a visitor pass.

September Newsletter

New Fargo Printers, Uptrade Program, and Card Printing Tips.

HID Global releases new Fargo printers

HID Global introduced a new line of direct-to-card FARGO printer/encoders. The new product line is made up of three models designed to meet the needs of small organizations to global enterprises. This is the first new line of printers introduced since HID purchased Fargo.

IDentiphoto’s April Newsletter

Filled with information about EntryPoint VMS (Visitor Management System) as well as tips to make your ID cards more durable and more secure.

Kokomo High School implements scanning ID cards to focus on education

Scanning ID Cards when students leave and return at lunchtime gets students back into the classroom more quickly and eases attendance-taking for the teachers.

Dikshant Global School to begin session in April

This school is enhancing the education experience by integrating smart cards, electronic badges, and laptop computers to make sure their students are prepared for the 21st century economy.

News Archive
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