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Dikshant Global School to begin session in April

Posted: Saturday , Jan 09, 2010 at 0249 hrs

To keep up with the educational requirements of the present times, Dikshant Global School at Sector 12 has been launched. The academic session commences from April 2010. This was announced at a press conference on Friday.

“The school will have smart technology-enabled classrooms and internet access, connecting with other classrooms around the world,” said Mitul Dikshit, director of the school.

“Students from nursery onwards would follow a one-on-one laptop programme. All students would have smart card and electronic badges that register attendance and open lockers. A help desk has also been set up for students to recharge batteries and get any problems fixed,” he added.

Students would be provided a laptop at their desk where they would make powerpoint presentations, design websites and conduct researches by emailing experts in the field.

Dikshit added: “By fostering innovation, we would help make sure that our school is a school of the future. We would integrate technology into our curriculum so we can make sure that students are fluent in the digital language of the 21st century economy. We would ensure that our students not only learn math and science, but teamwork, critical thinking and communication skills to make sure they’re prepared for tomorrow’s workplace,” he elaborated.

Students would also be introduced to the ‘Harkness Method’ which emphasises students taking responsibility for their own learning, and teachers acting as facilitators, the director said.

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