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Why Visitor Control?

Identifying and tracking visitors is important to prevent tragedy. The same is true in case of an emergency. Identifying visitors is a top priority when people’s safety is at stake. Personnel, even when down a hallway, are able to spot unauthorized visitors much faster when they are looking for a visitor pass.

If something unfortunate occurs, a visitor management system (manual or automated) provides a chronological record of anyone that has been in the building. Security is increased because of the records stored. Security staff knows exactly who is in the building in case of fire, evacuation, vandalism, or any other emergency.

Administrators, teachers, parents, and students all want to keep schools safe and secure. Research and experience shows us that a school’s response to safety issues should be comprehensive and include a variety of measures. A properly implemented visitor management system is one of the most important security measures a school can implement to increase campus security ensuring that students and faculty/staff are safe.

School systems without a well thought out policy regarding visitors are far more vulnerable to security breaches. In the MetLife Insurance Company-sponsored survey, “Violence in America’s Schools: The Family Perspective”, nearly two-thirds of students polled said they believed it would be easy for people, who don’t belong in their school, to enter the building. A properly implemented visitor management solution is one important part in a comprehensive security system that will deter individuals with no legitimate business in the school from attempting to enter the building.

In most company facilities, either a badge system is used or a sign in log is maintained, but rarely both. When both are maintained, they always require multiple steps. A properly implemented visitor management solution contains a record of all visitors along with a time stamped log – who they are, the time they entered the facility and the purpose of their visit. A visitor management system is the first step in implementing a safe and secure working environment for all your company’s employees.

Medical facilities are designed to have a large influx of visitors on a daily basis. Since there are always new patients being treated, there are always new faces in the facility to visit the patients. While most healthcare facilities allow their daytime visitors to enter without signing in, there almost always are strict security protocols for after-hours visits. The reason for this is increased security and surveillance during the daytime hours. It is imperative for hospitals and clinics to know who is in their buildings after visiting hours have concluded.

According to Facility Security Plan 164.310(a)(2)(ii) outlined by the Department of Health and Human Services, hospitals should “implement policies and procedures to safeguard the facility and the equipment therein from unauthorized physical access, tampering and theft”. Medical facilities contain expensive equipment, endure stringent confidentiality requirements to uphold, and have huge liability issues to face if someone is injured due to negligence. Should something unfortunate occur, someone must be held liable.

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