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Enhance security! Positively identify individuals before granting access to regular staff, temporary staff, contractors and visitors.

Issuing digital photo ID badges will help to safeguard your environment. Positively identifying individuals helps to assure to the highest degree possible that only authorized people have the proper access to facilities and computer systems. A digital ID system will allow you to capture images and personal information and then to store them in a central database. You then have access to verification which can be used for physical and intellectual access such as online directories and personnel files.

For employees or visitors, IDentiphoto offers cards that incorporate multiple technologies such as magnetic stripes, bar codes, smart chips and biometrics and are compatible with access control systems.

Such additions as printing on oversized cards or including a holographic overlaminate can increase your level of security.

IDentiphoto can help you to build a system that can grow as your needs increase.

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