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Automate the tracking of students and equipment for efficiency while adding to the security of your school environment.

Positive identification - for students, administrative staff, visitors, maintenance crew, teams, student activities, or even adults who are designated as authorized to pick up students or act in their behalf. You can even record medical conditions and print the backs of cards with emergency numbers or student schedules.

Let IDentiphoto help you to design an ID badging program for small or large school districts, colleges or universities, that can automate time and attendance, meal programs, library and equipment checkout. Automate many school operations into one easy-to-use ID badge. Control access to restricted areas and equipment or computer/internet access.

Lamination can be added over your card design for increased protection. Holograms can be incorporated into the overlaminate to enhance security. Technologies such as magnetic stripes, bar codes, proximity cards or smart chips can add levels of functionality.

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