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EntryPoint Mobile EMS

EntryPoint Mobile EMS helps disaster scene and recovery efforts by:

  • Providing fast and secure credentialing for emergency workers
  • Accurately accounting for personnel and identifying available resources
  • Tracking and reporting activity with ease
  • Limiting access to authorized individuals only

Identity Management

  • Design and create professional, secure photo ID badges.
  • Pre-registration feature allows cardholders to enroll online.
  • Scan driver's licenses and passports to boost security and speed data entry.
  • System automatically checks names against watch lists and alerts can be set to be triggered before, during or after most actions including check in/out, record modification and more.

Site Management

  • Keep track of all workers entering your location easily.
  • Track volunteers, rescue workers, medical crews, equipment and/or supplies.
  • Check in/out personnel simply by scanning badges and IDs. The system will verify authorization.

Time and Attendance

  • Details of each check-in and check-out are logged.
  • Create detailed charts and reports for card holder group.
  • Track hours "in" and supplies or equipment issued for better resource management.

Generate Attendance and Activity Reports

  • Logs and reports are kept for each cardholder group allowing you to quickly generate evacuation reports or build and print customized reports.
  • Charting and reporting mechanisms let you view all cardholder and entry point history.
  • Reports can be used to track any activity or function, allowing maximum flexibility.

Site Security

  • Set unique access control policies for each location, individual and entry time.
  • Maintain a watch list of unwanted visitors and receive instant alerts to any potential security risk.

Functionality includes fast data entry, badge design and badge printing. It allows organizations to compute time and attendance and to track emergency workers, utility teams, patients/rations and equipment/supplies with detailed individual or group logs. With centralized management, online and self registration and reporting components, EntryPoint Mobile EMS is portable and easily deployable. The system can seamlessly integrate with multiple existing data sources in real time.

Custom development work is also available to extend the software to include additional features such as:

  • Integrate with existing emergency management systems
  • Integrate proprietary security features
  • Work with handheld devices

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