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Cost-effective ID cards and badges can be issued quickly and efficiently with photo ID systems tailored to your needs by IDentiphoto.

IDentiphoto can assist you in complying with Federal Guidelines HSPD 12 (Policy for a Common Identification Standard for Federal Employees and Contractors) and FIPS 201 (Personal Identity Verification of Federal Employees and Contractors). We offer a complete line of products including smart cards, ID systems for card personalization and encoding, biometric authentication, and holographic technologies.

IDentiphoto Company has available the following products for adding security to ID cards:

  • ID Systems for Card Personalization
  • Holographic Technology
  • Biometric Authentication
  • Smart Chips - Contact and Contactless

Additionally, we can provide software to produce the credentials and printers which can include encoding and lamination modules.

Emergency Management Solutions
Our 400Mobile-EMS system for incident site management incorporates fast data entry, badge design and badge printing. It allows organizations to compute time and attendance and to track emergency workers, utility teams, patients/rations and equipment/supplies with detailed individual or group logs. With centralized management, online and self registration and reporting components, 400Mobile-EMS is portable and easily deployable and will help limit access to authorized individuals only.

IDentiphoto's systems help you to identify those who do and do not belong in your facilities. You can control access to restricted areas and protect your valuable equipment and documents.

Add one or more security features, such as bar codes, magnetic stripes, Smart Cards, proximity cards and biometrics. The requirement for confirming the identity of an individual for IT/logical access such as secured sign-on to a network, can be met by the use of a multi-application card system. Expanding to the use of multiple technologies on a card may allow for the use of the card with existing legacy systems.

You may also add excellent anti-counterfeiting features, such as holographic overlaminates for weather-resistant, tamper-resistant cards. Holographic images can be added to laminates for PVC or film users, or adhesive-backed holographic overlays can be added to existing cards.

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