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Card Security Features

For secure environments, multiple technologies can be incorporated into the digitally produced ID card to strengthen its security, make it difficult to counterfeit, and show evidence of tampering. IDentiphoto Company offers card technologies such as:

Card and Design Options

  • Embedded Hologram PVC cards - These cards can be seamlessly integrated into your digital identification program, and they provide the anti-counterfeiting benefits of holograms. An embedded hologram, applied below the surface of a PVC card, allows for direct-to-card printing on the entire surface of the card - including the hologram.
  • Holographic Overlaminates - These cold laminates are manually applied directly to the surface of printed PVC cards. In addition to providing the anti-counterfeiting benefits of holograms, they also provide added protection to the printed surface of the PVC card. They protect against reader abrasion and normal wear and tear.
  • Iridescent Inks and Custom Foil Stamping - The diffractive properties of foil and iridescent inks afford the same anti-counterfeiting properties as holograms. They cannot accurately be reproduced. These are available in a variety of colors and patterns and can be used to custom print any image on PVC cards, Teslin, laminates and paper. They can be applied in the shape of your logo or any other image unique to your organization.
  • Micro-text Printing - Most copy devices are not able to duplicate the tight resolution of micro-text printing without obvious flaws.
  • UV and Infrared Printing - A UV or infrared printed design can only be viewed with special equipment. By incorporating a custom design printed in this fashion, fraudulent badge reproduction can be eliminated.
  • Color coding - using different badge colors to depict varying levels of access is an easy and efficient method to increase security. Colors are an obvious visual identifier that can be quickly confirmed from a distance.
  • Sequential numbering - Including a sequential number on the badge that can be cross-referenced with information in a database. This offers an additional check that the person carrying the badge is indeed authorized to do so.
  • Watermarking - An anti-counterfeiting process that embeds an image (similar to the way money is watermarked) into plastic cards. This can be viewed by holding the card up to any light source.
  • Encoding - The act of "writing" information on magnetic stripes or smart card chips.
  • Bar Code Security Mask - Security cover to mask bar code.
  • Fargo's VeriMark™ - Cards are embedded with metallic foils containing two-dimensional, variable designs.
  • Fargo's Holomark™ - Cards are embedded with metallic foils containing custom holograms.
  • Fargo's PolyGuard™ - A clear or holographic overlaminate that can be applied to the front and/or back of ID cards.
  • Fargo's SecureMark™ Technology - Through workbench software users can activate SecureMark technology. SecureMark technology integrates the security of all Fargo Card Identity System components - printer, ribbon and software application - to make organizations less vulnerable to identity theft.

Printer Options

  • Some printers apply an overlaminate, or polyester "patch", during the printing process. They are available with a stock high secure holographic design embedded in the material. Not only does this holographic material make the card designs tamper-resistant, it also protects printed cards from abrasion and fading. It is available in 0.6 mil a 1.0 mil thick versions. Custom holographic overlaminate designs are also available.
  • Fluorescing ribbon is another feature that allows organizations to add covert security features to their identity cards. Your custom logo and a unique covert number present an additional hurdle to counterfeiters. These features not only play an important role in preventing fraud they can provide insightful forensic data, including the date, time and location a confiscated identity card was printed.
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