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Mobile ID Tracking

Handheld / Mobile / Wireless Applications
The world is increasingly becoming mobile. Do you have a mobile application / wireless verification solution that can keep the pace?

University and corporate campuses, government, and industry are increasingly requesting the capability to positively identify individuals using mobile or handheld wireless solutions. Wireless capabilities help to minimize risks associated with security and safety while at the same time providing for a better use of resources.

Opposed to simply doing a visual verification of an individual, a wireless solution can be used to read data from a credential. Real-time data can be compared to stored data to allow on-site security or management decisions to be made. Data can also be stored in the unit for later transfer to a primary database in a PC.

There are a variety of uses for mobile wireless solutions. Examples include:

  • Mobile identification and verification
  • Mustering and emergency evacuation
  • First Responder programs
  • Training/certification confirmation
  • Track school attendance and tardies
  • Access control - entry points, events, contractor sites, etc.
  • Visitor verification

IDentiphoto can provide hardware and application solutions that are:

  • Compatible with, 1D & 2D barcodes, HID proximity, mag stripe and smart card technologies including MIFARE & iCLASS® cards
  • Capable of reading biometric fingerprint templates
  • Rugged to withstand harsh environments
  • WAN / LAN/ WiFI/ GPRS compatible

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Whether you need mobile tracking for your company, event site, or have daily responsibility for school children, let IDentiphoto help you find the handheld / mobile / wireless application hardware and solution that is right for you!

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