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PockeTracker is easy to set up, with no training
required. Just start the program, swipe the ID
card, and go.



PockeTracker is the powerful, efficient, mobile, identity management tool that can meet any tracking and verification need. The PockeTracker "Go Anywhere" Entry Access Management System was designed to be easy to use and highly user configurable, while it easily fits in the palm of your hand.

The standard PockeTracker System comes with PockeTracker software, coupled with a PocketPC handheld device and ID card reader. An ODBC communication utility (the Gateway), comes standard with the first unit and allows for connection to most databases. Besides validating individuals based on defined criteria, the system gathers and logs all activity (card swipes, look-ups, etc.) and creates a comprehensive audit file which can be instantly queried, stored for later use, combined with another event/activity log file, or even cross referenced with other databases to gather and analyze statistical and demographic data.

With PockeTracker, you can increase security and safety, identify and allocate resources at peak periods, monitor and log attendance, enforce entry access policy, reward frequent participation, and the list goes on. There are so many uses and possibilities from this highly adaptable application that regardless of the environment or area of use, everyone can benefit from PockeTracker, such as Essential Personnel, Transportation, Universities and School Campuses, Athletic Venues, and Police/Security.


  • Multiple card reader options to accommodate most card types and/or manual look-up via user defined criteria such as last name, ID number, card number, etc.
  • On-line, off-line, and wireless use
  • Easy to configure: multiple evens/criteria can be defined on one handheld and configurations can be stored for re-use
  • Simple red/green visual displays and color photos
  • Permit or deny entry based upon user defined field values, database information, or a free-form query statement
  • Anti-passback on/off option for no re-entry
  • Connects to any ODBC database or create your own data table
  • In/Out buttons for basic attendance and counts
  • User defined and password protected security levels for system access and functions
  • All activity written to a "stat" log for full audit and history
  • Queries prepared for your reporting needs, including specific data and reporting for departments in the companion desktop application

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System Specifications

  • Operates on most Pocket PC handheld devices running PocketPC 2003 in a .NET environment
  • Interfaces seamlessly with MS-SQL desktop, and required accompanying gateway/licensing utility allows for connection to any ODBC compliant database
  • PC specifications for the one required gateway utility are those of minimum windows requirements for the operating system as well as any specifics for the PocketPC device

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