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PockeTracker K-12


A sample PockeTracker K-12 System includes:
PockeTracker K-12 Software, PockeTracker
Handheld, PockeTracker Printer, LED
Barcode Reader

The PockeTracker K-12 is the mobile handheld system that brings you student information from anywhere on campus, all from the palm of your hand! Monitoring the halls has never been easier!

When PockeTracker K-12 is loaded on a PocketPC device, it allows you to check a student's schedule, monitor violations and detentions, and even print a warning slip if using the companion printer option.

Utilizing the RapIDtrack K-12 Gateway Utility, behavior policies can be defined and rules created. That information, along with each student's information and class schedule are loaded onto the handheld device. Typically used with a barcode reader, the devices can be taken anywhere on campus to read a student's ID card (or use manual look-up) to efficiently monitor the halls and behavior compliance. At the end of the day, the devices are synchronized via the RapIDtrack Gateway, and daily administrative functions can be completed and reports can be generated to identify those students who have detentions, require parental notification, etc.

Besides streamlining your attendance and tardy procedures, PockeTracker K-12 will:

  • Make your campus more secure
  • Automate behavior policies and enforcement
  • Save time and money by eliminating unnecessary paperwork


  • Check a student's schedule - just scan his card with the PockeTracker K-12 built-in barcode reader (or look up by name) and the information is instantly displayed
  • Issue a warning slip to a student who received a violation, or as a hall pass/class slip for tardies. PockeTracker K-12 registers the infraction and instantly prints a warning slip with time, date, student information, and photo.
  • Based on PocketPC technology (100% mobile)
  • Look up past violations
  • Assign new violation with a single tap
  • Print reliable and verifiable individual and daily transaction reports
  • Color screen and photos on handhelds
  • Standard and Rugged Model PocketPC devices available
  • Optional printer comes with custom made printer cable or Bluetooth™ functionality

Handheld Specifications

  • Operating System: Microsoft® Windows® Mobile 2003 Second Edition
  • Wireless Connectivity: Optional: Integrated 802.11b & BluetoothTM wireless technologies

System Specifications

  • Wireless Connectivity: Optional. Integrated 802.11b & Bluetooth wireless technologies
  • Operates on most PocketPC handheld devices running Windows Mobile 2003 or later in a .NET environment
  • Interfaces seamlessly with MS-SQL desktop, and required accompanying RapIDtrack K-12 Gateway is loaded on PC/Laptop
  • PC specifications for the one required gateway utility are those of minimum Windows requirements for the operating system as well as any specifics for the Pocket-PC device

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