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ID Tracking and Verfication

Identify, Verify, Track - Why it's important

Achieving a sound security program should be the goal of all corporations. We, as a society have become complacent believing that it won't happen here or it can't happen to us. But what measures have you taken to assure that it doesn't? Can you identify and account for all personnel in your building should the need arise?

To ensure the physical safety of your building and its personnel, you need the ability to positively identify everyone - employees, visitors, contractors, etc., verify individuals to ensure that people are indeed who they say they are, and the tracking ability that will allow you to know who is in your building at all times.

With our tracking and verification solutions you can do just that! Our solutions have robust capability that lets you view and analyze data with a few keystrokes. Data like:

  • Card verification - when a card is presented, it is checked against a database of valid information.
  • Limiting access based on permissions
  • Who entered the building between 9 am and noon?
  • What is the average number of visitors in our building on a weekly basis?
  • How many visitors met with employee, John Doe, during July?
  • Who checked into the building but did not check out?


  • Visitor Traffic View visitors currently signed in and the visitor archive, showing visitor traffic across any date range in the past. Choose visitors by visitor type, i.e. employee, parent, contractor, etc. View traffic by destination, i.e. visitors who have visited with a particular employee.
  • Time and Attendance View time in/out and total time in the building for any date range, for a particular employee or a group of employees. Calculate total hours instantly. Display photos with sign-in/sign-out records.
  • Individual Visitor Information View a particular visitor's traffic history in the building, including destination, time in/out, photo, and driver license information.
  • Traffic Analysis View traffic volume (number of visitors) across a given day/date range/time range. Instantly see your busiest and lightest traffic levels.
  • Evacuation Report In the event that the building needs to be evacuated, log in information is invaluable for the Emergency Management Team. Reports to determine who may still be in the building can be produced in a matter of seconds.

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