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Visitor ID Management

In many organizations today, visitors just scribble a name in a paper guest book. But now verifying, registering, and badging visitors is a snap.

Here's the process

  • Visitors simply scan their ID (business card or driver's license for positive identification), and all relevant information about them is captured and stored in a secure database file - including optional photo and/or signature, the name of the host/employee visited, the reason for the visit, and their entry and exit times.
  • The person is professionally checked in
  • A high quality visitor badge is automatically printed.
  • All in thirty seconds or less

Why switch to electronic visitor management?

Paper guest books are certainly cheap and easy to use but the data collected is usually incomplete, often difficult to read, and impossible to analyze. Perhaps more importantly, confidential information about who has recently visited your facility is out in the open and readily available to anyone who wants to flip through the book's pages.

Post 9/11, tighter security is now a necessity. As part of the overall strategy to improve security, most experts are encouraging organizations to do a better job of keeping track of who is in their buildings and why.

Over the last several years, thousands of organizations, large and small, public and private, have discovered the many benefits of replacing the outdated paper log with our secure, electronic visitor management system. These benefits are:

  • Improved security - Knowing who's in your building
  • Record visitors, deliveries, VIPs, and other guests who access your facility quickly an efficiently.
  • Streamlining the visitor check-in process
  • Capturing detailed visitor information more accurately and automatically
  • Being able to easily perform analysis and reporting on visitor data across multiple locations
  • Keeping visitor and company information confidential
  • High quality, professional looking visitor badges
  • Enhancing the organization's image and making visitors and employees feel safer
  • Networking multiple locations to show a single visitor database
  • Ability to integrate the visitor system with your access control system
  • Quickly account for visitors in the event of an emergency or evacuation.


  • Visitor Traffic View visitors currently signed in and the visitor archive, showing visitor traffic across any date range in the past. Choose visitors by visitor type, i.e. employee, parent, contractor, etc. View traffic by destination, i.e. visitors who have visited with a particular employee, etc.
  • Time and Attendance View time in/out and total time in the building for any date range, for a particular employee or a group of employees. Calculate total hours instantly. Display photos with sign-in/sign-out records.
  • Individual Visitor Information View a particular visitor's traffic history in the building, including destination, time in/out, photo, and driver license information.
  • Traffic Analysis View traffic volume (number of visitors) across a given day/date range/time range. Instantly see your busiest and lightest traffic levels.

Options include

  • Biometric verification
  • Passport scanning
  • Web-based pre-registration module

Tracking Systems Visitormanagement

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