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Lobby Track

Visitor management software that allows you to identify, verify, and track visitors with ease! Ideal for those just implementing a visitor management system for the first time or for those who want to take their visitor management program to the next level.

This easy to use application is available in your choice of Standard and Premier. Both versions provide you with the ability to quickly access an evacuation report for a quick accounting of "who's in" your building. In addition, you can maintain your own unique watch list (irate ex-employees, non-custodial parents, etc.) or access a third party watch list for an annual fee.

The Lobby Track Advantage

Visitor Management
  • Pre-register visitors and sign them in from a list, barcode scan or look-up
  • Scan driver's license/business cards for fast data entry
  • Kiosk mode for self-registration
  • Uses open-data architecture making connection to other databases simple
  • Check watch list – internal or paid third party service
  • Host look-up when visitor arrives

Member Management
  • Track members, staff, contractors
  • Check in/out by scanning badges and IDs
  • Logs/reports for each cardholder group

Time and Attendance
  • Logs details of each check-in and check-out
  • Create detailed charts and reports for each individual
  • Track lab and facility hours
  • Integrate with existing payroll systems

Facility Security
  • Set unique access control policies for each location, individual and entry time
  • Maintain a watch list of unwanted visitors
  • Receive instant alerts to any potential security risk
  • Fast access to evacuation report

Professional Card and Badge Design
  • Design professional photo ID cards and visitor badges using an integrated version of ID Flow card designer

Emergency Management
Lobby Track or ID Flow can be used for providing fast and secure credentialing for emergency workers and volunteers
  • Produce evacuation reports that list everyone in a facility.
  • Track who is on the scene of the emergency
  • Check volunteers against watch lists and criminal lists
  • Control access to the scene
  • Calculate rescue workers time
  • Track equipment entering and exiting the scene
  • Identify available resources
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