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Expiring Time-Dependent Badges

A time-dependent badge is a temporary ID badge that changes color AUTOMATICALLY, going from white to red to let you know that it has expired! This will prevent unauthorized re-use of temporary IDs and will improve your security.

The badge consists of two parts: the back - pre-printed in red "migrating ink", and the self-adhesive front which, when applied to the back, begins the timing process. The rate of expiration is determined by the front and occurs in: HALF-DAY, ONE-DAY, ONE-WEEK, or ONE-MONTH. The badge works indoors and out, day or night. It can be self-adhesive or worn as a clip-on.

These badges are ideal for identifying Visitors, Vendors, Contractors and Temporary Employees. They are available in stock or custom designs and can be printed with your logo or specifications. Badges can be printed on any thermal transfer, laser or inkjet printer.

Some other time-dependent products are:

Self-expiring spots/dots are a low-cost way to add an expired indicator to an existing badge. If the badge is plastic, the indicator can be removed and the card reissued with a new indicator.

Light-sensitive badges eliminate reuse by automatically turning blue when exposed to outdoor light. Written data is tamper-proof and the color change is visible from fifty feet.

For one-piece efficiency. When folded behind the pass the attached tab begins the expiring process.
One step badges are pre-assembled and are activated by removing the front part liner and pressing the badge together.

Self-expiring Tyvek wristbands change color in one day to prevent reuse. They are durable and waterproof, with security slits to prevent transfer.

Self-expiring one-day parking permits, Temporary parking permits and Plastic parking permits - and more!

Let one of IDentiphoto's knowledgeable representatives assist you with these cost-effective security enhancements.

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